The phoneOgram requires a 5.1v 3amp power adapter (supplied).
It can be run from a battery power pack but must meet the minimum power requirements above.
It features its own built in WiFi network to allow setup and administration via a web style interface from any smart phone, iPad, laptop or similar.
Any message left on the phone can be used as the main greeting at the click of a button in the admin panel.
It also accepts all popular audio file formats and recordings from phone apps such as WhatsApp.
The messages are saved as individual WAV audio files and MP4 visualisation video files.
A compilation MP4 of all the reviewed and selected messages is also built.
Any or All the files can be downloaded as a zip archive.
The software features built-in noise reduction and normalisation to deliver CD quality audio and MP4's in any environment.
The phoneOgram is fully featured and all processing of the audio and video files is done within its built in software.
The phoneOgram comes with a 12 month 'return to base' warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The phoneOgram is extremely robust, in the unlikely event it gets damaged in use we offer a priority repair/replacement service to ensure you have working equipment for your next booking.